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The Art and Science of Retaining Digital Donor [Digital Resource]

You’ve just generated a donation through your website or online giving platform. You worked hard to secure that gift — either through an email, social media, P2P or, possibly, through a direct mail campaign. And now your work as a fundraiser is done, right? Wrong.


The First-Timer’s Guide to the NCDC Conference and Exposition [Free eBook]

Learn what makes NCDC special and what to expect at NCDC conferences as a first-timer.


Using Segmentation to Improve Your Acquisition and Renewal Campaigns [Online eBook]

In this eBook, we highlight different tips and tricks on how to start segmenting, how to identify your next major donors, and how to communicate differently with each type of donor.


Turning Facebook Likes into Donors and Dollars [Online eBook]

In this eBook you'll learn how to turn your Facebook audience and fans into lifelong donors and advocates.


5 Ways to Engage Millennials [Online eBook]

Learn how to engage the younger generation, capture their interest, boost their involvement, and engage them with your nonprofit.


Beyond the Like [Online eBook]

This eBook reveals the secrets to converting your catholic organization's followers to engaged participants and key supporters.  

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The Catholic Fundraiser

In this weekly blog we share tips, tactics and case studies for professionals in the Catholic fundraising community.

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The Fundraiser's Outlook

The Fundraiser's Outlook is a blog written by Sr. Georgette Lehmuth, President of the National Catholic Development Conference.  Her blog always emphasizes the ministry of fundraising and the importance of your work for your organization’s mission. Applying her decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, she often reflects on current events, pop culture, and travel and how our world impacts Catholic nonprofits.


Catholic Fundraising Weekly

Catholic Fundraising Weekly is a digest of the latest trends shaping Catholic fundraising today curated specifically for Catholic fundraising professionals.


NCDC Newswire

Newswire is a weekly update of the latest news from the NCDC team and its members.